About Halo

I come from a long line of painters and have always been drawing and designing in some capacity. My love of dolls, like many, came at an early age and I made my first miniature clothes at age 6. In my youth I was constantly designing clothes and fantasy costumes. I attended an art magnet school for visual design and later expanded my work to include oil, acrylic, prints, sculpture and batik. I rediscovered the dolls of my youth in 1993 after being given a Happy Holidays Barbie. I then picked up my first issue of Barbie Bazaar, attended my first Barbie convention and it snowballed from there. I have been designing dolls on and off for ten years now.

After a varied career path I have turned most of my focus onto the creativity of doll customizing. I’ve been involved in conventions and have just discovered the joys of doll boards! I take pride in selecting quality materials, from the type of acrylic paints in use on the faces to the details of a custom costume. The Tonner girls have quickly become my favorites to paint but I love to experiment on other faces and see what evolves. The most attractive aspect of customizing for me is the lack of boundaries and the ability to create as far as your mind can take you. I love the way a face can lure you and appeal to something deep within. And I love all the interpretations different artists have for their dolls.

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