Commissions are taken on a limited basis to ensure quality. They will be done on dolls provided by the client unless otherwise agreed upon. Here is what is you get:
 1.  Quality repaint with whatever specifications you choose, including eye color, lip color and shape, shadow colors, brow shape and blush color. This doll will truly be your one of a kind.
 2.  Hair style of your choice including cut, curling and even highlights.
 3.  Subtle body blushing and painted nails of your choice…

Complete re-roots are available but will have an additional charge. Complete fantasy dolls including costume will be negotiated separately. All dolls are signed by the artist.  I will email you a picture of your doll for approval before she is shipped. 1/2 deposit required at the time of commission, the other half is due at the completion doll. Client to pay $12 shipping and insurance for the doll’s travel home.


On my salesroom page there is a list of dolls I will take in partial trade. If you happen to have an older doll painted by me, I will take it in partial trade-in as well. Dolls 2 years and older will get you $100 towards a new repaint. Any repaint more recent than that may get more depending on the doll. When you purchase a doll from me, I want to make sure she stays in your heart! So if she needs a little update as time goes by feel free to contact me about a minor adjustment…lip color or shape, eye color, etc. Perms are included, highlights and the such are not. I charge only the cost of shipping for these. However excessive “updating” may incur some costs!